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What is World Parkour Maker?

World Parkour Maker is a Minecraft server for Minecraf Java Edition users in which you build levels, share levels and play levels. Founded by Bluecoaster455 in december 2016, World Parkour Maker was only a server to showcase a gamemode which allows to create parkour related maps for other people to play and enjoy parkour in general. In 2017, World Parkour Maker evolved into WPM Network, which introduced the Bungeecord network system. The network includes a lobby, Survival, Skyblock and PVP in addition of Parkour Maker for people more interested in those traditional gamemodes. It's in that year that we reached our first 1000 published levels in Parkour Maker. The gamemode keeps getting updates which adds new mechanics, blocks, gameplay features, stats and optimization. In 2018, we reached 2000 available levels on july 11th.

About Bluecoaster455

Bluecoaster455, founder and creator of WPM Network, is a college software and web developer. He used to make videos and stream on Twitch or Youtube on Minecraft modpacks and servers. Bluecoaster455 is often called "Blue" in anything. Bluecoaster455 used to own a server called "SchwartzCraft Network" or "SCN". SCN was also a network which prison was the main gamemode. It got shutdown due to financial issues back in october 2nd 2016. Schwartzcraft has topped 50 concurrent players and begun going downwards after adding Bungeecord to the server. As of now, Bluecoaster455 has a full-time job in web development and can always update World Parkour Maker without worrying about the financial part of the network.

"I am not quitting a project unless it is pointless."