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World Parkour Maker is a Minecraft server on which you build, share and play parkour levels made by players for players.

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Improve your parkour skills

World Parkour Maker offers a variety of different level styles from easy to extreme difficulty.

2864 available levels


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What makes World Parkour Maker awesome


Build a level using our growing custom level editor packed with a bunch of features. There is an endless amount of possibilities.


Share your creations to the public. Players can then like and rate your levels and possibly get them featured.


Search levels and play them! There is a variety of levels to play for a wide range of players.


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Our features

Some of the amazing features of our server

Network levels

Gain network levels by gaining achievements and playing levels.

Network crates

Get new cosmetic items from network crates. You can get crates by voting for World Parkour Maker.


World Parkour Maker provides a variety of cosmetic items!

Level editor

Use our level editor to build highly customized levels with custom block effects.


Get your friends to help you build your level. There are different roles to assign to players as well.

Level settings

Customize your level environment as you wish.

Level browser

Search levels using our advanced but easy to use level browser.


Reach achievements when you reach a milestone. You also get network experience from them.

Daily rewards

Get rewards by playing a level and using the "/claim" command daily.

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