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  • ♦ Minecraft - Java Edition 1.8.x-1.17.x

Steps to join:

  • ♦ Launch Minecraft
  • ♦ Click Multiplayer
  • ♦ Click Add Server
  • ♦ Copy IP:
  • ♦ Paste IP in Server Address input
  • ♦ Click Done
  • ♦ Double-click World Parkour Maker to join
  • ♦ There you have it: Enjoy!
Join world parkour maker

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Recently Rated Levels

Name Creator
10JumpsToDouble by: Master_Profile
Mind Games by: GreenverdeMC
Grass Prison by: MissMo91
Unnamed by: MissMo91
1 HP Parkour by: BangerCo
Leaderboards by: Bluecoaster
Short Circuit by: Bluecoaster
ladder parkour by: Hurtig_victor
Draganus 11 by: Moravak_Bedna
Dungeon A by: sSlopes


Level Editor
Enjoy our custom tools and creative mode while you craft your own parkour levels.
Add friends to your collaborations to have them help build or test your creations before they are public.
Level Settings
Pick and choose different level settings such as instantly dying from lava, or letting them swim.
Daily Rewards
Log in daily and do /claim. You can also get extra XP each day for the first completed level.
Level Browser
Our level browser is full of ways to find level types from difficulty and featured, to recent and random.
Network Levels
Gain network XP to level up your network ranks.
Network Crates
Earn network crates for various activities.
Crates unlock different cosmetic items to help give you some flair.
Earn achievements as you parkour to victory.