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Website revamp!

World Parkour Maker's site has got a major revamp. After months of waiting, it is finally available!

Hello fellow World Parkour Maker players!

Today, World Parkour Maker's website has drastically changed in terms of design and functionnality. We decided to move on to a more professional looking design. As it turns out, it is amazing how we accomplished this.

Here are the features that this website has:
- HTTPS secure connection
- New friendly style and works on mobile.
- A contact section if you have questions and need answers.
- A store. No more buycraft. We accept paypal payments and tokens.
- Token currency. Tokens are local currency. Once you buy tokens, it stays into your account and you can buy into the store with tokens. As for now, 1 token = $0.01 USD. More features will be associated with tokens short term.
- News posts now has an image and caption. Previously, it was only the title and the content.

All our website updates are going to be based on this design format.

As for now, we removed the dashboard. It is planned to be redesigned as well, but it'll take some time before we can release a first version of the dashboard. Great things will happen to the dashboard. We demand your patience. Thank you!

We hope you are having a great day and enjoy!

- Blue